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  Mesh2 and image maps  
From: Leroy
Date: 29 Feb 2020 17:40:01
Message: <web.5e5ae640f40fb85646354ef40@news.povray.org>
I was making my own Mesh2 pulleys belts. Every thing work find or so I thought.
I test the mesh2 using solid colors and color maps with Normals Finishs in a
complicated texture.
Then I found out that part of the mesh worked back on it self. When I fix that
and tried color map or image maps it froze. That is :: if you try to translate
the texture then put it on the mesh The IMAGEs don't move! But the Normals do!
I've never seen anything like it.

 I'm running 3.7 I've try it on 3.6 with the same effect.

Without getting into the code to much
The texture ::
#local BTex=array[4];
#local BTex[0]=texture{pigment{rgb<1,0,0>}
                       normal{agate scale <10/60,.05,.1>}}
#local BTex[1]=texture{pigment{rgb<0,1,0>}
                       normal{agate scale<1/50,.1,1>} }
#local BTex[2]=texture{pigment{rgb<0,0,1>} normal{agate scale<.2,1,1>}
                       finish{phong .3 phong_size 250}}
#local BTex[3]=texture{pigment{image_map{tga "Road6.tga"} scale <1/25,-.49,1>
                       translate <5,.51,0>}
                       normal{granite  scale<1,1,1>}
                       finish{phong .8 phong_size 250}}
The final texture::
#local BTexX=texture{gradient y
                           [0.010284 BTex[0]]
                           [0.010284 BTex[1]]
                           [0.5 BTex[1]]
                           [0.5 BTex[2]]
                           [0.510284 BTex[2]]
                           [0.510284 BTex[3]]
                           [1 BTex[3]]
                         translate x*B_TexLoc//animation texture move

I've set the uv vectors from <0,0> to <1,1>

Anyone seen this before?

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