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  Re: Mathematical "Primitive" vs Isosurface  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 13 Dec 2019 14:00:04
Message: <web.5df3df2e65080b014eec112d0@news.povray.org>
"John Greenwood" <joh### [at] john-greenwoodcouk> wrote:

> This all seems to chasing the same objective as I was in my posting in 2016
> http://www.john-greenwood.co.uk/PovRay/Rounded_Objects/Basics.html

Of course.  Thus, the "... people have been requesting for quite some time...."

> I found creating shapes this way was still rather slow and since then started
> experimenting with creating ordered meshs using Excel that can be deformed by
> cunningly applied equations in Excel to create a prototype mesh2 object body
> part that can be customised by further parameters in PovRay.

Well yes, sometimes things can be "slow", however, how long does it take to
learn, understand, code, and render a one-off shape you might want to make?
The idea here was to just make such rounding easily accessible, since it's
effortless to blend/bend objects and click the start render button and let it

The excel mesh idea is interesting - I'm a big fan of anything and everything

> This work is on hold for now, I shall be 80 next year and have other projects,
> so I would be delighted if anyone picked up on any of the stuff I have done
> since I found PovRay in 2013 ie:
> Rounded corners, Tweek Colours, Crowd.


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