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  Seeking complex prism advice  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 5 Oct 2019 16:35:01
Message: <web.5d98fe2acae70d394eec112d0@news.povray.org>
Playing with creating some complex CSG parts in SDL, and wondering what the best
approach is.

My initial instinct is to use a prism - but I have a mixture of straight lines,
right-angle or 180-degree circular arcs, and radiused bends.
For simple splines, I could just concatenate them together, but I can't switch
between bezier, cubic, and linear splines midway through a prism definition.

But that would be a NICE feature.   ;)

If I use a bezier or cubic spline for the prism, is there a trick to
manipulating the control points to switch between curved and "linear" domains?
I have a convex radius that then extends normal to the circle, some 90-deg
bends, ...

Maybe I should approach it a completely different way, but cobbling together a
dozen different bits by CSG seems --- tedious.

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