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  Can I pay someone to add this from MegaPov?  
Date: 30 Oct 2016 19:16:38
Message: <729060134.499560688.639457.foo@ios.app.newstap>

I was wondering (hoping) that I could pay someone to add Glows to UberPov,
and include enough implementation info via comments or whatever that
whoever in the future could easily forward this to the next version when 4
comes out. If you are interested Clipka, even better. ;-)

I have looked at the old code and the new code, and they are so different
that I simply will never have the time to dig in and do this myself.

I only care about this one single feature. I would pay on successful
completion, if someone with sufficient knowledge of the code base would
actually be willing to knock this thing out...if the implementer is a well
known poster I would be fine with half in advance through paypal or

Is anyone even remotely interested?

There isn't much code involved, but like I said I don't have the time or
sufficient knowledge of the codebase to make it happen. I looked at a few
years ago, but it didn't make much sense to me after looking at it a couple
of hours with respect to what must be done in order to port it from one
version to the other.

What would be a fair price?

I will check up on this thread every few days for a few weeks.


direct: g d s hyphen e n t r o p y at h o t m a i l dot c o m

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