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  Re: Facebook 3D posts  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 4 Jul 2021 10:59:51
Message: <60e1cce7$1@news.povray.org>
Op 4-7-2021 om 14:36 schreef BayashiPascal:
>> 1) You may remember my POV-Ray scene 'Paris la nuit' a couple of years
>> ago, based on a photograph by Sabine Weiss in 1953. It was just done by
>> trial and error of course, and a hell of a challenge with all kind of
>> assumptions. Nothing to do with photogrammetry of course, but I
>> appreciate your caveats about any "easy magic" ;-).
> I can't recall it from the name, neither find it with Google. Would you have a
> link ? I would certainly enjoy seeing it again, as usual with your scenes :-)
It was made for one of the TC-RTC Challenges. Since Stephen and I closed 
that down, it has also disappeared from the web.

I shall repost the image with some comments I wrote at the time; I hope 
to find that back in my archives...

>> 2) I have seen on a couple of occasions (on TV), archaeologists make a
>> lot of photographs of an object, under all kind of angles, and later
>> combine those into a 3d model (with software of course). I saw that done
>>    in particular on the terracotta army in China. Closer to home, geology
>> students recently used a drone to photograph the walls of a quarry in
>> the same manner, and assembled them into a 3d model of the quarry.
>> Fascinating stuff, and relatively cheap to implement, especially for
>> students I understood.
> Yes, it's heavily used in archaeology, generally only for the most important
> pieces as it is very time consuming, and sometime challenging. You will probably
> enjoy this speech of an archaeologist talking about their struggles to produce
> models of obsidian artifacts:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0YaWDrl5qI
> I haven't mention it in my previous post but, any reflective or transparent
> texture is also an immediate 'no go'. It completely confuses all current
> algorithms.
Yes, I can understand that !

>> 3) I have been interested in archaeology for most of my life and so came
>> quite early across the use of photogrammetry there. If I remember well,
>> it was used by Unesco during the construction of the Assouan Dam in
>> Egypt to move the Abou Simbel temple to a higher position. I was a
>> reader of 'Archeologia' at the time.
> I had plan to become a paleobiologist until I entered university where I've been
> reoriented toward computer science. This has probably been a wise advice but I
> always wonder what would have become that other me. So, I've been really happy
> when I had the chance to work for archaeologists a few years ago.
Who knows? I wonder sometimes about my life in an alternate universe ;-] 
  But life has sometimes a high degree of serendipity.


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