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  Re: Need a script to randomly scatter objects vertically  
From: Mike Horvath
Date: 20 Apr 2021 03:24:57
Message: <607e81c9$1@news.povray.org>
Awesome, thanks!

A couple of questions:

1. I cannot render either of the scripts you created. Seems the floor 
and landscape objects are missing. What format do they take?

2. What does the proximity function do? I don't know what a proximity 
function is.


On 4/20/2021 2:46 AM, Thomas de Groot wrote:
> That "later today" was sooner than expected.
> In the attached zip file are three POV-Ray codes:
> 1) the original code by Kirk Andrews which you can use as reference 
> (KA_LandscapeTutorial.pov)
> 2) my own code based on (1) where I have added and/or changed a couple 
> of things. This code I use currently for any landscape, whether they are 
> trees or rocks or whatever (My objects poser.pov)
> 3) My own code for trees, with probability added for different types of 
> trees (My tree poser.pov)
> They do not answer /all/ your conditions maybe, but come very close 
> indeed. I think you can improve where necessary :-)
> If in doubt, please yell.

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