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  Re: Color maps  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 25 Mar 2021 02:02:28
Message: <605c2774$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/24/21 8:04 PM, Bald Eagle wrote:
> On 3/24/21 6:20 AM, William F Pokorny wrote:
>> There, though, I've since found some issues in the ppm/png formats (of 
>> v3.8) if using other than linear encoding/decoding of those images. 
>> Still not sorted everything with png and it's the format I'd most want 
>> to use due the non-lossy compression.
>> Anyway... Onward! :-)
>> Bill P.
> Thought I'd check Warp's site - it's defunct.
> archive.org has a snapshot.
> He's got a git
> https://github.com/WarpRules/WPngImage
> Maybe you'd be interested in that library - might hold some clues.

Thanks for the pointer. I wasn't aware of his work there.

On .raw support not looked much at it because it isn't that deep per 
channel bit wise at 12-14 bits usually(1), but might still be useful to 
support I guess.

(1) - Not that experienced with .raw myself, but the high dynamic range 
is often achieved with bracketed exposures I believe. Been away from the 
details of digital cameras for a while though.

With Warp's library though I wonder, if we are looking to make larger 
image io / color support changes, whether POV-Ray shouldn't be looking 
at all the work under the https://www.aswf.io/# umbrella.

I believe Blender not that long ago moved to those libraries for much 
(all?) of their image and color space support. We might for example get 
icc png profile support for 'free' - so to speak - using it, where 
POV-Ray doesn't support such things today.

If just 32 bit floats / channel max as I expect, it might still be 
limited for some of the function related stuff we've been playing with. 
In other words, even with it we might want a little more.

There is too netpbm's .pam format - a form of which can be used almost 
directly for df3 files.

:-) All sorts of stuff possible.

Bill P.

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