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  Re: Speeding up media  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 17 Feb 2021 08:23:18
Message: <602d18c6$1@news.povray.org>
On 2/15/21 6:58 PM, Alain Martel wrote:
> Le 2021-02-15 à 06:00, William F Pokorny a écrit :
>> (a) For the purposes of documentation see (a1) and ignore the rest of 
>> this footnote. Someone can set the intervals in method 3 to more than 
>> 1 and if they do ratio does come into play with a lit and un-lit 
>> intervals scheme internally which 'probably' doesn't have much of an 
>> end effect for method 3, but... Always true, sometimes, almost never, 
>> never? Not sure... When using multiple medias with mixed sampling 
>> types, I know of some bleed through in the keyword settings between 
>> methods.
>> Bill P.
> This probably explain why using several intervals bog down method 3 so 
> much. It tries to compute ratios and variances when it's not needed.

Only ratios(a) I believe, but yes, expect this a part of the typical 
slow down (always? sometimes not?). I don't understand all the whys.

The most obvious reason is the number of interval acts as a multiplier 
for the starting number of samples with method 3 and this is 10.

(a) and the underlying light interval stuff. This code is tied to light 
types. My guess is it's aimed at speeding up (or better resolving 
perhaps?) spotlights and cylindrical lighting when using media(a1). 
Maybe it all more or less works - but I have doubts about how well 
beyond the simplest test set ups. I'd like to pull all the lit/unlit 
interval code out too.

Bill P.

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