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  Re: Seeking complex prism advice  
From: Dick Balaska
Date: 16 Oct 2019 07:03:34
Message: <5da6f906$1@news.povray.org>
On 10/15/19 2:07 PM, Bald Eagle wrote:

> I'd like to stay out of M$ & windoze, but right now, if I need to draw it, then
> it's probably easier to just shut down and reboot into Win7 and use VISIO, and
> then reboot into Linux Mint to then use the drawings.

I run Mint on a SSD, and then run Windows 8 in a VirtualBox window, 
pointing to my old spinny disk. (I wish I could turn off that 99% of the 
time).  The only downer is I get a 1024x768 window; rough on Visual 
Studio, but it works.

> Maybe after I do a thorough disk cleanup / backup I'll look into installing
> WINE, but I'm not there yet.

M$ Office violates just about every published Windows API.  I'd be 
surprised if that worked under wine.

Hmm, maybe it will for you if you have the right version of Visio.

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