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  Re: Using an image_map as a light filter: bug in 3.8?  
From: dick balaska
Date: 23 Jun 2019 21:05:19
Message: <5d1021cf$1@news.povray.org>
On 6/23/19 8:49 PM, Bald Eagle wrote:
> dick balaska <dic### [at] buckosoftcom> wrote:
>> What? Cool, I didn't think anyone actually used it.  That's a pretty old
>> version by now, about 8 months, 2018-10-09.  I stopped updating when
>> clipka started rewriting the parser.
> I humbly worship at the shrine of Balaska.   :D
> I did an apt-get upgrade just to check, and my next step was to see about
> installing POV-Ray from source, but I've never done that in Linux yet.
> I've only ever done any of that "make" stuff - and that was with a step-by-step
> instruction sheet
> I thought you had at one point edited the qt version to make a blue arrow to
> render the SDL tab currently being edited - I guess that went away?

That should be there.  If there is no file "hard" selected, it should
"soft" select the current tab.


> Maybe someone can check to see if the weird image_map filtering bug still exists
> in the most current [un]official version.

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