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  Re: Suggested / desired new ray / trace functions  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 31 Jul 2018 09:20:09
Message: <5b606209$1@news.povray.org>
On 07/31/2018 04:39 AM, Le Forgeron wrote:
> Le 31/07/2018 à 04:32, dick balaska a écrit :
>> On 07/30/2018 07:46 PM, Bald Eagle wrote:
> Nothing funky, and its all in my branch feature/extended-mesh, forked 
> fresh from official master branch
> See if you want to pull it anywhere:
> https://github.com/LeForgeron/povray/tree/feature/extended-mesh
> The first commit is the patch,
> The second commit is the merge into hgpovray38 (and you do not need it)

I've not got your experience with code control, so perhaps asking a 
stupid question.

Is there a reason you are not keeping your patches as independent 
branches periodically re-based to master instead of merging them back 
into hgpovray as posted on github?

I have my own 'povr' equivalent to 'hgpovray38' but I've been keeping 
all my branches un-merged so as to both be able to periodically re-base 
them to 'povray' master updates, but also so on merge I get only a 
branch's specific changes.

This allows me - and anyone else - to pull github published fixes and 
features into personal versions of povray. Usually with little or no 
effort beyond doing the pull from github ahead of a build. If later, I 
decide to exclude some feature, it's just a matter of not pulling it for 
the next 'povr' build.

If I do the usual:

git pull https://github.com/LeForgeron/povray.git feature/extended-mesh

and that branch has been merged into hgpovray, I believe I'll get all of 
the hgpovray updates at the point of the merge.

Probably, there is some way to pull the commit previous to the merge 
specifically - if I know to do it. However, what happens six months or 
two years from now when that branch's code has not been kept current to 
povray's master, but rather kept current with some other version of 
povray? I believe it becomes more and more difficult for others to make 
routine use of such fix and feature branches.

I'm asking for mostly selfish reasons. There are often patches by you, 
by Christoph with uberpov or others I want in my own routinely built 
working version. I don't want to switch to uberpov or hgpovray to use 
particular fixes and features. I want what I want all in my povr! This 
is only easy if branches are kept apart from any larger build over time 
and reasonably current to the povray master branch(1).

Bill P.

(1) - I understand that sometimes changes is such that keeping a branch 
apart gets difficult or impossible. But where it can be done, thinking 
it helpful.

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