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  Re: Moray for Mac?  
From: John D  Gwinner
Date: 30 Mar 2008 12:57:36
Message: <47efd490@news.povray.org>
That might be hard, Moray is mostly written in C++/MFC.

I used to have a cross platform SDK to convert MFC programs on teh windows 
to Mac, but it was expensive ($2500), and isn't supported anymore.  (pretty 
long ago).

I did have a thought about converting it to c# ... if we did that, then it 
would be pretty cross platform.

However, although Java seems to be well recieved, I'm not sure how well 
recieved c# would be in the open source world.


          == John ==

"Woody" <nomail@nomail> wrote in message 
> Anybody know if there are plans to release a Mac version of Moray once it 
> goes
> to open source (after POVRay 4.0)

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