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From: Rick [Kitty5]
Date: 6 Apr 2001 10:19:22
Message: <3acdd06a@news.povray.org>
> Well, I for one am glad someone else still uses DOS. I still us the dos
> versions of POVRAY and Moray simply because I don't want to have to put
> up with Megacrashes junkware. I am in the process of migrating to Linux,
> and now have a Linux box, but still have a ways to go before I am ready
> to complete the transision. So, until then I will continue to use DOS
> and DOS programs, and in fact intend to keep my old DOS 486 around for
> some time to come.

Just to let you know, I have been running win 2k for some months now, and in
that time I have had no fatal crashes, a couple of apps have gone belly up
from time to time but that has to be expected. machine is running 24/7 month
in month out, and only ever gets rebooted when something I install requests

when you move to Linux, look at vmware (if you have the pc for it), and run
a win 98 box on a virtual machine so you can use the windows version of
moray, which is well worth it (I started using it back in the dos days so I

spatch, moray (and now rhino) are my main reasons for sticking with windows
as my OS

as to making the move - just jump!, and figure the rest out when you land


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