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  Re: Recompile  
From: Convinced
Date: 7 Nov 2022 05:55:00
Message: <web.6368e37b6d93b183183179f086ea30fe@news.povray.org>
"Fredray" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> Thorsten <tho### [at] trfde> wrote:
> > On 06.05.2020 08:51, Fredray wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > I just learned from Lutz that the POV-Team had the rights to the Moray software
> > > and I would like to ask you if you could do a recompile on Windows 10  to remove
> > > the bug with the export of the code for povray 3.5 ?
> > > I don't ask a new version with new features, just a recompile.
> > >
> > > Do you think that it will be possible ?
> >
> > No, it is not possible to just compile ancient code with new compilers.
> >
> > If that was so trivial, don't you think Moray would have been released
> > with that support already?
> >
> > Thorsten
> Hi Thorsten,
> I didn't know that the new compilers couldn't recompile the ancien code. I
> thought the compilers would just identify the deprecated classes and that it was
> easy to change, because C++ is a standard language. Lutz said me that the rights
> of Moray software belong to the POV-Team, so I thought there was no problem
> either. I guess the problem is pretty technical from what you say. Is Moray's
> code not well commented? Maybe Lutz could give some leads, I don't know. It's a
> shame to let this tool die, because it's well thought out in use.
> Best Regards
> Frantz

Having watched this discussion go on and on and on for years I ask myself, why
hasn't the Povteam just given the code to someone to play around with. God knows
we have been sitting on our butts for two years, progress could have been made.
I see many users volunteering but it's like getting blood out of a stone, or
does the stone have any blood left in it?
Any suggestions??

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