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  Re: Domer Plugin, TMI Plugin C++  
From: Henry
Date: 9 Jul 2005 17:31:51
Message: <42d04247$1@news.povray.org>
"Lutz Kretzschmar" <lut### [at] stmuccom> wrote in message 
> Hi Henry, you recently wrote in moray.binaries:
>> I'm actually toying with yet another idea...  The shapes use the mesh2
>> format, which fits nicely into UDO.
> I would suggest avoiding UDO if at all possible. If you are using the
> SDK, use the functions that create a mesh object instead, since that
> maps perfectly to mesh2. If you need an example of how to create a
> mesh2, let me know.
> - Lutz
>  email : lut### [at] stmuccom
>  Web   : http://www.stmuc.com/moray

No, you misunderstand.  I'm already using mesh2 and my plugin is working 
fine.  I'm just thinking of exposing some of its configuration in a 
user-editable file.  Perhaps I should include an .inc file that users can 

What I really need is to take what I have learned so far and go find a 
programming or design job so I can afford to buy the full license for Moray. 
I think you have a great product and it was a pleasure to learn C++ while 
working with your SDK.


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