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  Position so far.  
From: St 
Date: 12 Sep 2007 07:52:28
Message: <46e7d2fc$1@news.povray.org>
Ok guys, I thought I'd better start a new thread.

   Below is the way that Colin thinks the new format should work. I'll list 
it, and then I'll add my own comments below the list.

 Please confirm the following scenario for the next November - January 

 - 17th October : New topic available for members
 - 1st November : New uploads allowed
 - 17th December : End of uploads disallowed
 - 18th December : Scoring/rating allowed
 - 31st December : Competition ends

 - 17th October : New topic available for members

     I personally have no problem with knowing the challenge two weeks in 
advance. I don't know how you guys work with your images/animations, but I 
would like to think that you probably sit and ponder, research, and 
experiment for a while as I do. Doing it this way, I certainly don't think 
that it would interfere with your present project as more than anything, you 
would more than likely be 'cleaning up' your image/animation as I do. Views 
on this please.

- 1st November : New uploads allowed

    Ok, that's clear.

- 17th December : End of uploads disallowed

   What Colin omitted here is that the new topic challenge for 
January/February would also be published.

- 18th December : Scoring/rating allowed


- 31st December : Competition ends

   Competition ends, and winners announced with fairer scoring and full 
comments shown. I'm ok with this.

   Other news.

    At the moment, I have partial admin rights to be able to edit the HTML 
side of things without disrupting the script side. ;) This is good, because 
it means I can give you NEWS and stuff on the front page, (and add links! 

    Stephen, Markus, Thomas, I've asked Colin if non-participants (but 
registered) members can vote and comment, but as yet, he hasn't answered 
this. Although, it's my understanding that this has always been implemented 
from the word go. I'll get back to you on this.

   Stephen, I'm not sure if you send me your votes and comments via email, 
whether I'd be able to implement them or not yet, (or at all). If I can, 
then yes, please wait until I know more. Ah! Thinking about it, I can, but 
not quite yet. When I get to be able to edit the front page, I can add a 
link to a table (that I'll produce manually) with your new votes and 
comments! Ok, now we're kicking! Wait for me to get back to you on this. :)

    Sound good so far?


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