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From: St 
Date: 10 Jan 2006 13:59:44
Message: <43c40420@news.povray.org>
Is it possible that the term/s 'AGE:' and/or 'EXPERIENCE:' could be added to 
the submission text file?

  My reason for this is that sometimes one can view an image, and you really 
can't judge it depending on the image submitted - sometimes the image 
'feels' like it's from someone fairly experienced, but you really don't know 
if they meant to try a 'cartoony' or 'serious' image or not, (unless they 
explain under the 'how this image was created' title), or they may lack 
experience, but produce quite a 'grown-up' (for want of a better term), 
image for their age. (In which case, I would also like to praise them).

   Personally, if there is a 12 year old submitting an image, (is there an 
age limit?), and putting some effort into a subject, then I would like to 
know this and help them, (comment), in whatever capacity I can, and judge 

   Just a thought.


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