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3 Mar 2024 09:43:31 EST (-0500)
  Re: TC-RTC to close down in 2017 - Announcement  
From: Stephen
Date: 6 Mar 2017 08:43:28
Message: <58bd6780$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/6/2017 12:53 PM, clipka wrote:
> Am 06.03.2017 um 09:32 schrieb Thomas de Groot:
>> In September, both challenges will stop. However, the site will remain
>> up till the end of the year at least.
> Will there be someone archiving the site?

Normand might, he has been archiving the forum.
That is why the site is being kept open until the end of the year. So 
that members can download their own images.
The link below used to go to an index where you could select which 
member's portfolio you wanted to view or download. But now it goes to my 
profile By going into the Archive section you can download the images by 
year and Challenge.


I don't think that there is any point in asking the Dev because he 
answers when and if he feels like it. A major reason why I no longer 
feel like carrying on with it.



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