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  TC-RTC: Renewed homepage to become operational  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 30 Dec 2014 07:29:07
Message: <54a29a93$1@news.povray.org>
On the 3rd of January 2015  the renewed TC-RTC site will become 
operational. Amongst the improvements, most notably will be the 
possibility to run two Challenges at the same time and of different 

Challenge 1 will remain our familiar one of four months, this time 
without any mid-challenge break.

Challenge 2 will be dedicated to short periods on specialised topics 
(e.g. CSG, Cube Variation), selected  methodologies (e.g. Matrix, Media, 
Subsurface Scattering), or just quick fun (e.g Stickmen, Train Faces, 
Blob Madness). Challenge 2 will run for a couple of weeks in general 
followed by the familiar period of voting. However, Challenge 2 will not 
be in constant use and in-between sleep periods will ensure that people 
get enough time to work on Challenge 1. We do not want to over-exert our 

Topics for Challenge 2 can be selected from the topics list or can be 
brought forward by every member through the appropriate channels.

Starting on January 3rd, we will run a short test on the site, one week 
upload (from 01-03 ca 18:00 hours to 01-10 ca 18:00 hours) followed by 
two weeks voting (from 01-10 ca 18:00 hours to 01-24 ca 18:00 hours) and 
focussed on Challenge 2. Start/end hours may be different of course. A 
test topic will be launched and we want to ask you to upload to it as 
with an official Challenge. Please report any difficulties or unwanted 
behaviour so that we can report back to Colin and have them corrected. 
We do not expect issues with Challenge 1 but if something untoward 
happens there please let us know.

Last but not least, we wish you all the best possible things and 
inspiration for 2015!

Stephen & Thomas, Administrators

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