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  Re: TC-RTC: Call for Voters!  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 20 Dec 2012 03:04:21
Message: <50d2c685$1@news.povray.org>
On 19-12-2012 20:58, MichaelJF wrote:
> Unfortunatelly I could not finish my Garden-entry this round (with the Minotaur
> and Theseus of course) due to RL issues. But I will post it to the p.b.i as soon
> as I'm through it. The actual round (Nov/Dec 2012 with the topic Garden) has 14
> entries - more than the last rounds. But only 4 from POVers, 2 from a
> autodesk-user and 8 from Dr. No. with his own "homemade Java OpenGL-renderer".
> So I fear the voting results will be heavily biased if not every interested
> POVer with an account at TC will vote this round. So please, vote this round! If
> you have no account to the TC-Contest, it is the same procedure as to other
> communities, the problem with the bots arise with an account to the TC-Forum if
> my brain remembers correctly (which is a bit out of order managing some 20
> intervention studies in RL in only two days now concurrently).

Hear! Hear!

Thanks Michael. Right out of my heart.

Take care.


P.S. You remember correctly. The bot problem arises only with the forum. 
They (at the forumup.co.uk) seem not to be able to solve this once and 
for all.

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