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  Re: Looking to the future  
From: Skip Talbot
Date: 1 Feb 2007 01:32:12
Message: <45c1896c@news.povray.org>
Fantastic ideas Chris!

Although I have only participated in two IRTC rounds, I am an avid fan 
of it.  I think all of your ideas are great, and I'd love to support the 
effort or help out in any way I could.  I probably couldn't be of much 
using developing the contest site as I only know HTML editing and 
C#/C++, and not much in between in terms of web development.  If 
graphics are needed, or merely participation in the contests, I can 
definitely help.

The ideas for creative competitions are all good ones and I agree that 
there should definitely be parallel challenges with different time 
lengths.  I think it would also be good to have a regularly held contest 
with a basic theme and unchanging set of rules, like the IRTC currently 
does.  That may give the competition some stability and a larger base of 
participants.  I see the creative, longer duration challenges as 
contests that only the most ambitious (or those who are interested in 
the unique idea) would undertake.  So it will probably have fewer 
participants like the IRTC animation rounds currently do.

Yes, let's fire up another competition site based off of POVCOMP with 
multiple unique challenges and ones that parallel the IRTC as well.  I 
don't want the IRTC to go anywhere, and I don't want this to replace the 
IRTC, but a little competition always helps move things along too ;)

I'm in!


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