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From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 13 Apr 2007 05:13:19
Message: <461f49af$1@news.povray.org>
St. wrote:

>      Here's another one: "Before Adam" by Jack London, 1876-1916.
>     Now, interpretate that title in any way that you want, Stills or Anims. 
> I personally like this one, (even though I've only just seen it), and it 
> sets your mind thinking about what it may have been like before Adam. But 
> *who* is Adam?

"Before Adam"? Ouch. That just screams for trouble with 
Creationists ;) [well, actually, no - there are at least 
five days available before that, and you could depict "The 
Hiding Of The Dinosaur Skeletons" and apply for public 
funding ;)]

>       Here's another example: "The Doctors Dilemma" by Bernard Shaw, 
> 1856-1950. What 'Dilemma'? Who 'is' the Doctor?

Funny, now somehow the image of a phone booth popped up in 
my mind... ;) it's weird how pre-made popular culture has 
gotten a hold on imagination. I guess i'll never be a "real" 
artist :)


P.S.: We're still "officially" going to use the "The Black 
Robe" title, are we?

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