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  A week's worth of time left  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 7 Apr 2005 18:54:12
Message: <4255ba14@news.povray.org>
Hi, since it's been very quiet recently, how's everybody's 
animation doing? I'm afraid i'll cop-out yet again - my 
animation idea (of a typical "little grey man" alien with a 
tricorder-like scanner sneaking into a "sort-of-Roswell" 
museum with a scanner, only to find that the things on 
display, like "alien foil" and an "actual alien body" all 
turn out to be tinfoil and plastics) never got beyond the 
pencil-and-paper storyboard phase and a few crude meshes...

Anybody else noticed that there seems to be less and less 
spare time around, or am i just getting too old for this?

Sorry, and looking forward to see the new animations next 


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