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  Re: Voting?  
From: Markus Altendorff
Date: 18 Jul 2004 12:29:22
Message: <40faa562$1@news.povray.org>
Stephen McAvoy wrote:
> Hi,
> As this is the first time I have entered an IRTC I am at a loss as how
> to vote. What is the procedure and does anyone have a method? 
> Well I'll find out the method when voting opens I suppose but how do
> you old pro's go about it?

Step 1: Register


There's a web page on the IRTC website for this. Use the email 
address you've used in the text file with your entry, and pick a 
password. You'll receive a confirmation email. Send it back. 
You'll receive another, final confirmation. Now you're free to 
vote for the round you're participating.

Step 2: Log in and assign points for the different videos/pictures.

You'll have to wait for the web page to update. Usually, it's 
below the "News" headline in the main table, like it's for the 
stills contest right now.

NB: you can't vote on your own entry.

Alternatively, there's a windows program maintained that allows 
for offline viewing and voting and will generate a 
machine-readable email for you.

Hope this helps?

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