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  Re: it's a question of copyright ...  
From: Duncan Gray
Date: 5 Feb 2004 14:17:47
Message: <402296db$1@news.povray.org>
Thank your help all,

Looks like my safest option of the short-listed is to go with the book 
that is old enough to be in the public domain (the one that isn't the 
invisible man, but for the sake of argument could be) - see if I can 
demonstrate to Hollywood how they _should_ have done the special effects 
when they made the movie somewhere back in the 50's (haha, dream on Duncan)

As the other two idea's look like they are not permitted, or at least 
tread a little to close to some form of copyright infringement to risk, 
then there is no harm letting everyone know what the intended subjects 
really were:

Thunderbirds was the 70's series I considered to have not dissimilar 
copyright issues to Star Trek - I fancied trying to re-make the intro 
sequence but keep it puppet looking, and try and make the vehicles and 
scenes still look like models. I thought this one would be the most fun 
to put together, blob-based humanoids with fake strings attached to the 
limbs and trying to mimic that 'thunderbirds walk' - arms and legs 
walking in unison and the figure bouncing more than walking; feet not 
touching the floor for much of the time - of course building all the 
thunderbird ships would have been fun too.

The other book I was considering - the one still copyrighted and looking 
like it is shortly to be made into a movie ... Hitch Hikers Guide to the 
Galaxy. I had not decided what scene to try yet, probably the whale and 
the petunias (excuse spelling) hardly 'Classic Sci-Fi' but the topic is 
vague enough for it to be acceptable I think, I've got away with more 
tentative connections in the past  ;)

So, the p.d. book that isnt 'the invisible man' it is then.

Let's hope I manage to get this one finished to an acceptable level - I 
have started half-a-dozen or so entries since my last anim round entry, 
alas in each case have bit off a little more than I could chew and 
failed to complete on time.

Thank you all once again

Duncan Gray   (warning may contain traces of nut)
n.b. remove "-nsp" from email address if replying

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