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  Re: The IRTC Animations T-shirt at zazzle.  
From: Greg M  Johnson
Date: 23 Jan 2004 22:44:34
Message: <4011ea22$1@news.povray.org>
Current entries include:

Tekno Frannansa's spaceship
Greg M. Johnson's Man from M.I.M.E.
Richard Sutherland's "rpaz_teo.mpg" Man + Woman
John vanSickle's robot(s)
Markus Altendorff's Anthrosphinx character(s)
Sharp Hall's   SUZ-4N2  robot

It's open to any and all "things that moved" in IRTC animations.  I have
sent this message to the IRTC-l list, sent personal emails to all of the
January 2004 entries and to a handful of other artists whose IRTC anims work
I personally found interesting.   I may end up closing the list soon so we
can start thinking about the composition.

So we basically have five person-sized characters, a spaceship, and 2 or
more robot(s).  My guess is that Rusty is about waist-high to a human and
that the SUZ-4NS robot is not quite knee high.  Maybe one option is to have
the robots holding up a sign, or maybe two of John's robots holding it up
with SUZ dawdling in front of it. (hope that's not disparaging).

Once again, here are the instructions for partcipating:

1) Tell me you're interested and provide a "model-sheet" style rendering of
your character-- it can be as simple as 160x120 pixels, or if you're
seriously worried about doing that, just point to a specific IRTC anim the
character has appeared in.  Pick out one character.  (I suppose if it's only
John, Markus, and myself, well each get 2-3 characters, however).
2) Scale your character so that it's 83 units=200 cm, or, so that a heroic
human male figure is 83 units tall.   Tell me your character's depth and
width with these new dimensions
3) Render for yourself an image where your character is standing at the
origin in a scene with no other visible objects and the following settings:

light_source{ <12000,10000,0> rgb 1 rotate 0*y  }
light_source{ <12000,10000,0> rgb 1 rotate 120*y   }
light_source{ <12000,10000,0> rgb 1 rotate 240*y  }
camera{location <0,100,-350>  look_at<0,80,0> angle 45}
background{rgb 1}

... and tell me how it looks.  You can certainly turn on radiosity or maybe
some other advanced features, but tell me if you like the way it looks, OR
whether I'd need to change these global characteristics in the way we tell
everyone else to render.   If you want to put your favorite spaceship into
the image (and if we have too many, the image might not fly),  I'm guessing
compositionally we'd want it up in the air.   If we end up with no
spaceships and say 5 figures, we might want to change the above specs so as
to not waste white space.

4) I'll figure out how to space all these characters. I'll eventually be
telling you, "Provide me a 5120x3840 image with the settings in #3 and your
character at <x,0,z>".   If you want reflective surfaces on your character
to reflect off something interesting, that's fine, just give me an image
that is your character + pure white.

5) I'll paste all the images  together into one and then go knocking on
doors (Chris Cason, IRTC Team, etc.) to get it on some zazzle space.

Notes:   I'd also like the url for IRTC to be prominently displayed. If we
get some really small characters, like the duck that won one round (IIRC),
perhaps it should go in front of the logo.   If we get a whole bunch of
responses, and it's all "tall" characters,  we could have two of John
vanSickle's robots be holding up an IRTC banner.

Thanks.  Happy tracin'.


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