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  Re: Two appear cut off  
From: Tek
Date: 23 Apr 2003 09:18:34
Message: <3ea692aa@news.povray.org>
My player (Windows Media Player 9) says that the animation is only 22
seconds long, but after 22 seconds it carries on playing and the timer

I also tried playing it using quicktime, and that shows the correct time.
But both programs play the whole animation.

I too had the bursts of corruption on dryrun, I tried that in a few
different players but they all show the same problem.


"John VanSickle" <evi### [at] hotmailcom> wrote in message
> 8balljrn.mpg and rupertsb.mpg seem to stop at 22 seconds and 29 seconds,
> respectively.  I appear to have the full file in both cases.  Are these
> anims really this short or is my player funky?
> I also notice bursts of artifacts in dryrun.mpg; has anyone else noticed
> them?
> Regards,
> John

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