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  Windows 7 minor improvement for POV 3.6.2? (Message 1 to 2 of 2)  
From: BobH
Subject: Windows 7 minor improvement for POV 3.6.2?
Date: 29 May 2009 11:19:56
Message: <4a1ffd1c$1@news.povray.org>
Posted results at povray.benchmarking which shows v3.6.2 benefits (slightly) 
from Windows 7 over Vista, and is an improvement over v3.6.1c.

Benchmark in v3.6.2 was 86% (W7) to 89% (Vista) render time of 3.6.1c 

Something slowed v3.6.1c  by 9 seconds in Windows 7 compared with Vista, 
could have been file indexing since it was installed immediately prior to 
running the benchmark.
Otherwise nothing significantly different for the old POV. In fact, peak 
memory was identical for old and new versions in Vista, at 5856903 bytes. 
Not so in Windows 7, with 3.6.2 using a little less at 5855559 bytes and 
3.6.1c using a little more at 5856969 bytes.

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From: BobH
Subject: Windows 7 very minor improvement for POV 3.7?
Date: 29 May 2009 14:38:33
Message: <4a202ba9$1@news.povray.org>
Did 3.7 beta 32 benchmark in Vista and Windows 7, too. Only a few seconds 
difference, W7 bettering Vista again.
I guess with this benchmark using 2 threads and being almost 5X faster than 
the 3.6 benchmark you could say it was essentially a a quarter minute 
speed-up in W7.

Well, okay, probably not great if it means anything at all. POV-Ray 3.6.2 
users would have the best render time change from the current 3.6... 
regardless of Vista or Windows 7.

On the subject of CPU's, I think my next computer will be Intel with Windows 
7. I might be slower right now with my AMD notebook than comparable Intel's, 
I'm just not sure of that.

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