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  Re: Vs 2017 debug  
From: Havana7
Date: 18 Feb 2018 05:00:01
Message: <web.5a894e6cc588b2663e499bc60@news.povray.org>
> - Can you successfully place breakpoints in the GUI version?

No the window does not open and no breckpoint works

> - Does the console project run without breakpoints set?

No, Only the completely empty command window appears.

> - Can you give me a step-by-step description of what you're actually
> doing, i.e. how you're activating the console project in the first
> place, where you're setting breakpoints, how you're starting the
> project, what parameters you're passing, and whatnot?

I modify the windows / povconfig / syspovconfig.h file by editing the comment in
#define _CONSOLE. Set up console as a startup project, and choose Console
compilation management and deselect GUI.

I have a breackpoint in vfe / win / console / winconsole.cpp Main, I clean the
solution, compile it and start debugging.

Nothing happens.

> I myself am using VS 2015 instead of VS 2017, and haven't touched the
> console project in a while (it isn't officially supported), so without
> more detailed information, from my point it could be anything from a bug
> in VS 2017 to a problem with the console project to a simple user error.

The solution compile the console project perfectly in release mode.

Do you have any suggestions?

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