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  How to generate sphere and cylinder with csv file  
From: Jeff
Date: 27 Mar 2017 08:20:01
Message: <web.58d90246d665dbbed33c50560@news.povray.org>
so, i have csv files that i would like to use to do the visualization.its
something like below:

mode country/city ID         lon         lat
bus CN/Beijing bus2382659521 116.4093833 39.9067192
bus CN/Beijing bus1636776952 116.3039935 39.8888451
rail CN/Beijing rail269996666 116.4209908 39.9016416
rail CN/Beijing rail1419861955 116.3465335 39.9430318
subway CN/Beijing subway339089932 116.3572162 39.8980033
subway CN/Beijing subway339086386 116.3041387 39.9061679
tram CN/Beijing tram1408143389 116.3920808 39.8904203
tram CN/Beijing tram1408143387 116.3917507 39.896844

so, i want to generate some spheres to represent the information in the csv file
how do i generate different color of spheres for different mode, and use the
"lon" column as the Y position of the sphere, and "lat" column as the Z

and the other csv file is something like this:

mode Source           Target            length
bus bus332263578   bus2052937452            59.34930975
bus bus268389450   bus268389107            101.9938894
rail rail539260172   rail1182599524           571.7497256
rail rail1182599524   rail273113548            568.8268748
subway subway245154338   subway245143068          81.85897267
subway subway336935693   subway3369356929         99.88085188

then i use these information to generate cylinder and connect the it to sphere
accordingly by using the "Source" column and "Target" column and the "length"
column as the length of the cylinders.

can someone help me please?

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