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  'old' feature request (?) for animation  
From: Kenneth
Date: 7 Jan 2017 23:40:00
Message: <web.5871c192903f7e8f883fb31c0@news.povray.org>
In v3.7xx (using the Windows GUI version), I've noticed what seems to be a
change in how the 'Hide' (i.e., hide render) button works in the editor window,
when animating. (Compared to v3.6xx.)

IIRC(?), in v3.6xx, when I was running a long animation and I hit the 'Hide'
button (to look at my scene code), the on-going rendered animation frames stayed
hidden, until I hit the 'Show' button. However, In 3.7, what happens is that
when each new animation frame is rendered, it immediately comes back to the
forefront-- requiring another hit of the Hide button (over and over.)

The old behavior was much more convenient! Or am I just *imagining* what the old
behavior was like??  :-O

(Under the 'Options/Render Window' menu, I have  'Preserve Contents During
Animation'  active, but I tried various combinations of 'Keep Above Main', 'Get
Focus On Creation' and 'Hide When Main Minimized', yet nothing seems to change
the behavior. Maybe I'm still doing something wrong.)

I've searched the newsgroups for an answer, but only came up with this older


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