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  Re: povdos needed  
From: Rocco
Date: 26 Jun 2016 05:10:00
Message: <web.576f9ac0405ef3d93f55178a0@news.povray.org>
Following this discussion, maybe someone will be interested. This will not be
the latest version but this week I switched on my old computer and. I found my
build scripts of POVRay 3.61 on MinGW32. I recompiled this with my MinGW64
environment and the result is a command-line POVRay version that renders as
expected. The build scripts is mostly inspired by what you see above. If there
is demand about binaries, I can host it on my OneDrive for example. Even if 3.7
is out now, 3.61 is still usable and feature-rich...

This build works and renders as expected. You should only be careful about file
paths (add them in the .INI for example).

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