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  CPU performance disappointing on some scenes  
From: rodv92
Date: 25 Apr 2015 07:20:02
Message: <web.553b774b68828311d2ae3900@news.povray.org>
Hello group !

Lastly I got myself access to a HP DL360 g9 server and thought i'd give it a try
with povray.

It has : two E5-2430 v2 CPUs @ 2.5 Ghz, each 6 core, making 12 physical cores,
24 logical with HT enabled.

The previous system i used was a BL460c G1 blade with two E5450 @ 3 Ghz CPUs,
each 4 core, making 8 physical cores, no HT.

The fact is that some custom scenes are rendering far slower on the new

There are certainly a lot of architectural differences between these two kinds
of CPUs, since there is more than 6 years gone beetween the two models.

I may think that the difference in performance may be linked to the small L2
cache of the newer CPU.

You can see all the CPU specs differences in :


When comparing using biscuit.pov it is faster on the new E5-2430-v2 CPUs

But on my custom scene that uses quite a lot of transparencies it is far slower
(2 to 3 times slower) on the new CPUs

Any idea on what may cause such dramatic performance swings ?
Does a custom build could make some performance improvements ?

I am quite new in povray benchmarking so i'd liste to your guidance.
May post detailed benchmarks with povray if needed.

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