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  Re: POV-Ray v3.5 on Win8 x64  
From: Lawrence W
Date: 19 Dec 2014 15:55:01
Message: <web.5494908de250a3c2ae2ccffa0@news.povray.org>
"Lawrence W" <lwi### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> Hi gang.  I'm stuck; Povray 3.5 will install just fine on Win8 x64, but it WILL
> NOT RENDER ANYTHING by itself.  As soon as I hit F9/Go, it freezes up tight.  I
> know there was lots of discussion about getting Moray v3.5 to work properly with
> Povray v3.5, but I can't even get Povray v3.5 to work all by itself!
> Can anyone confirm that it works stand-alone on Win7 or Win8?  And if so, can
> someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

Okay, I know I'm replying to my own post, but I found part of the answer.  I
have a Win7 x64 desktop in the office that I installed Povray 3.5 on, and it
crashed when attempting to render something, just like on my Win8 laptop.  When
I modified the compatibility and Disabled Visual Styles, it rendered just fine.
I re-enabled Visual Styles (unchecked the box) and it crashed again.

The second thing I noticed is that if I install Moray 3.5 along with Povray 3.5,
I can render within Moray 3.5 and it'll properly start Povray 3.5 and render the
scene.  So there must be some problem with an INI file within pure Povray that
screws up.

I know I'm on to something, now I just need to RTFM, I think.

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