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  Re: Cannot open include file from context menu  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 10 Jul 2011 17:30:01
Message: <web.4e1a17fd60a6ad0185de7b680@news.povray.org>
Christian Froeschlin <chr### [at] chrfrde> wrote:
> 1. Do all of your own include directories fail or only some?

All of my include directories fail.  However, if the include file is in the same
directory as the main file, it works.

> 2. If you copy one of your include files into a standard directory
>     (v3.6\include or v3.7\include), will it be loaded from there?


> 3. If you create a new directory in a public location (e.g. c:\test)
>     and add this to the library path, will it work?


> 4. If not, does it help to remove the other library path entries
>     from the ini file (including, FWIW, the commented one).


> 5. Does it make a difference running as Administrator?

How do I do that?  (I'm the only user on this computer.)  I used to know these
things when using a Windows 2000 corporate intranet, but I don't know how it
works on a home edition.

> 6. Does it make a difference to disable script i/o restrictions?

I had it on "Allow Read, Restrict Write."  Changing it to "No Restrictions"
didn't work.

> 7. Are the capitalizations correct (shouldn't matter on Windows
>     but you never know which piece of code chokes on it).

The capitalization is meticulously correct.

I did discover a discrepancy.  These helpful, friendly Windows 7 "libraries" are
going to be the death of me; they've had me thoroughly confused since day one.
In one place, a directory is called "Documents"; in another, it's called "My

I corrected the discrepancy (I think!), and it wasn't the problem.  In any case,
I had the problem in Window XP, as well.

It leaves me wondering, though: how the heck did my scene files render with
incorrect Library_Paths???  Or is it correct both ways?  In retrospect, should i
have told myself, "Screw the market," and bought a Mac instead?

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