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  Re: Cannot open include file from context menu  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 10 Jul 2011 13:30:00
Message: <web.4e19e10960a6ad0185de7b680@news.povray.org>
Thomas de Groot <tDOTdegrootATinterDOTnlDOTnet> wrote:
> Just for your info: I cannot confirm your problem. It has always worked
> here: WinXP, Win7, version 3.6 and 3.7. Are you sure that your
> povray.ini is set up correctly?
> Thomas

This is my povray.ini file for 3.6.  My 3.7 is identical, except the default
Width and Height are 800 and 600, respectively.

;                           POV-Ray VERSION 3.6
;                         SAMPLE POVRAY.INI FILE
;  The general form of the options is "Variable=value".  Everything
;  between the equals sign and the end of the line is considered part
;  of the value.  The spacing and layout is free-form but only one option
;  per line is allowed.  Variables and values are not case-sensitive.
;  Note: characters after a semi-colon are treated as a comment
;  Traditional POV-Ray switches beginning with + or - are also allowed
;  and they may be given with more than one switch per line.
;  Add your own options at the bottom and/or edit these to suit. See the
;  general documentation for full instructions on how to use INI options.
; Width of image in pixels.  Accepts integer values.
Width = 320
; Height of image in pixels.  Accepts integer values.
Height = 240
; Sets minimum number of objects before auto bounding kicks in.
Bounding_Threshold = 3
; Turn display on
; Turn verbose mode on
; Specify path to search for any files not found in current
; directory. Up to 20 such paths may be specified. For example -
;   Library_Path="C:\Program Files\POV-Ray for Windows\include"
; There may be some entries already here; if there are they were
; probably added by the install process or whoever set up the
; software for you. At the least you can expect an entry that
; points to the standard POV-Ray include files directory; on
; some operating systems there may also be one which points to
; the system's fonts directory.
; Note that some platforms (e.g. Windows, unless this feature is
; turned off via the configuration file) will automatically append
; standard locations like those mentioned above to the library
; path list after reading this file, so in those cases you don't
; necessarily have to have anything at all here.
; My options
Library_Path="C:\Users\Ricky Callwood\Documents\POV-Ray\include"
Library_Path="C:\Users\Ricky Callwood\Documents\POV-Ray\Object_collection"
Library_Path="C:\Users\Ricky Callwood\Documents\POV-Ray\skeleton"
;library_Path="C:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings\Ricky\My
; My favorite antialias options
Sampling_method=2  ; sampling method 1 is usually useless
Antialias_depth=2  ; default aa depth is overkill when using +am2 during draft
;Jitter=Off         ; (N.B. +j +a0.0 +am2 +r3 is good for distant checkered
Antialias_threshold = 0.1;

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