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  Re: Processor affinity?  
From: Stephen
Date: 7 Mar 2018 05:04:02
Message: <5a9fb912$1@news.povray.org>
On 07/03/2018 02:39, Alain wrote:
>> Not a PovRay problem but IIRC Moray and Bishop3D creates and export 
>> the file.ini using the settings in the workspace. Unfortunately 
>> neither of them have settings for the modern features of PovRay. Which 
>> is why I use a workaround.
>> Blender is better and allows you to put entries in the command line. 
>> But it is not mature enough for me to use it as my only modeller, yet.
>> BTW how is the development of the new version of Moray coming along?
> Unless the ini file made by the modeler set render_block_size, then, the 
> value that you set in povray.ini will always stick.

Yes I that is the nature of software. If it doesn't know about 
something. It cannot take it into account. Or so I understand.



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