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  Re: Processor affinity?  
From: Mike Horvath
Date: 5 Mar 2018 21:05:34
Message: <5a9df76e$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/5/2018 6:31 AM, dick balaska wrote:
> I have been grooving on Render_Pattern=3 lately.  This causes the middle 
> of the pic to be rendered first, which is usually where the heavy blocks 
> will live. It's also good for preview.
> I was doing +wt6 for awhile. I agree leaving only 2 threads is 
> sufficient to have a responsive computer.  But I preferred to run +wt8 
> and then turn off 2 POV-Ray threads with Task Manager while using the 
> computer, and then turning them back on when done.
> But, now I run Ubuntu and I have no control over affinity and priority 
> anyway. ;)

A spiral render pattern might be nice. That way, the center regions of 
the screen get rendered first.


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