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  Re: How to uninstall?  
From: Mike Horvath
Date: 1 Jul 2017 14:31:14
Message: <5957ea72$1@news.povray.org>
On 7/1/2017 2:21 PM, Mike Horvath wrote:
> On 7/1/2017 2:14 PM, Mike Horvath wrote:
>> There is also no Access Control popup when trying to access the 
>> include files. You are simply denied access to that folder.
>> Mike
> I just tested this again, and there is a popup in this case.
> Mike

I checked a third time, and the popup is for *PERMANENT* access to the 

If a limited user tries to access the POV-Ray include files in the 
admin's Documents directory, he is given *PERMANENT* access to the whole 
profile folder.


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