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  Re: How to uninstall?  
From: Mike Horvath
Date: 23 Jun 2017 18:34:16
Message: <594d9768$1@news.povray.org>
On 6/23/2017 6:01 PM, clipka wrote:
> Am 23.06.2017 um 22:51 schrieb Mike Horvath:
>> Next, I tried installing RC1 using my non-admin account, but the
>> installation failed when trying to write to "C:\Program
>> Files\POV-Ray\v3.7\agpl-3.0.txt". After switching to my admin account,
>> the installation completed successfully, but did not copy the Start Menu
>> items and assorted include files to my non-admin accounts. Is there no
>> way to install POV-Ray for all users?
> No, not really. This is a systematic issue with modern Windows (and any
> multi-user system, actually), where technically the user-modifiable
> portions of any given program need to be installed for each user
> individually.
> To my knowledge, running "pvengine.exe /INSTALL" should perform this
> step for the current user.
> Theoretically there would be a way to "advertise" this step during
> installation, i.e. make it known to Windows so that it can automatically
> be executed when a user runs POV-Ray for the first time, but that's
> tricky to do, and might not be possible with the Nullsoft Installer
> System (NSIS) we're using to create the installer.
> The alternative would be to let POV-Ray test whether it is being run by
> the user for the first time, and in that case perform the step
> automatically, but again this needs some time and effort to implement
> cleanly.

I ran "pvengine.exe /INSTALL". It indicated "Success!" but did not add 
anything to the Start Menu or copy the include files over.

Alternately, you could put all this stuff in "C:\Users\Public\Documents" 
and "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs". See here:


My system has 94 items in the latter folder.


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