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  Re: Install for multiple windows 7 users  
From: Chris Cason
Date: 20 Aug 2014 22:32:33
Message: <53f55a41$1@news.povray.org>
On 20/08/2014 20:25, clipka wrote:
> (2) On first time startup for a particular user, copy both registry keys 
> and user files from the default user's account (modifying the DocPath 
> registry entry of course).
> Or am I missing something fundamental there?

Nope, that's one approach I considered. I decided not to because then
I need to add UI support for failure, retry, and whatever, and that's
something best done by the OS (which has code for handling exactly
this) rather than merging it into the base POV-Ray code (or adding a
separate utility), where it would (in 99.9% of cases) never be used.

Put another way, in terms of time involved, it's probably easier to
get the OS to do it, but that hasn't happened yet, and there's a
pretty straightforward fully-documented workaround for network admins.

-- Chris

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