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  Re: Install for multiple windows 7 users  
From: Alain
Date: 19 Aug 2014 19:11:21
Message: <53f3d999@news.povray.org>

> On 20/08/2014 07:14, Alain wrote:
>> Did you ever try to install from an administrative account? It's the
>> ONLY way to install ANYTHING for all users. The "thousands of software
>> vendors" that you mention can not preform that "miracle" if the install
>> is not done with administrator credentials.
>> For the file colours.inc, it's a particular case. You need to make sure
>> that all users have a pov-ray folder in their profiles that have an
>> includes folder that will contain that file.
>> Also, have a scenes folder in each profiles. This is to ensure that one
>> user won't accidently modify the scenes from someone else.
>> Normaly, POV-Ray should build the needed registry entries from it's
>> current folder and the profile in use if those don't already exist.
> This is a good summary. The main issue is that for a pre-install to
> work we need to advertise a 'deferred install', which requires MSI
> support. A deferred install will automatically install the
> user-specific files in the users account the first time they run POVWIN.
> Since we can't do that, in a lab environment it's up to the
> administrator to ensure that when the student wants to run the app,
> the appropriate support files get installed. This is why we clearly
> document the required settings.
> Generally speaking letting them all share a single set of files isn't
> suitable, as then they can all edit them. A proper setup requires that
> each student has their own set of editable files in their own account.
> The binaries/help file etc can be shared.
> -- Chris

The default include files can reside in a single include folder where 
everyone have read access, but only the administrator have write access.
The same can be done for the sample scene files.

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