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  Re: Install for multiple windows 7 users  
From: Alain
Date: 19 Aug 2014 17:14:25
Message: <53f3be31@news.povray.org>

> Hello
> I asked this question about for years ago but gave up as things were clearly
> designed not to work the way I'd expect.  I've come back now for another go and
> I nothing seems to have improved.
> I've downloaded  povwin-3.7-agpl3-setup.exe and looked as directed at
> 'non-standard installations'   It says I can use /INSTALL or /QINSTALL.  These
> make not a blind bit of difference you still get led through the prompts for
> directories. and so on as if the didn't exists.  /S though undocumented will get
> you a silent install.
> However I've tried to install it I get the same old, same old, dialogues as ever
> when I log in as another user - POVRAY did not find the expected registry
> entries....and a telling off for allegedly not using /INSTALL when I did, then
> 'cannot find colours.inc'
> Oh and not that I'm the slightest bit surprised, no shortcuts in the all users
> start menu.
> After four years I'd really expected someone to have made a competent job of
> this. A proper installer should default to installing for all users without any
> further action, a miracle thousands of software vendors perform on a daily
> basis.  I fail to understand why POVRAY can't achieve this.
>   We will continue to have to explain to our students that these errors are not
> of our making and are a poor advertisment for your product.

Did you ever try to install from an administrative account? It's the 
ONLY way to install ANYTHING for all users. The "thousands of software 
vendors" that you mention can not preform that "miracle" if the install 
is not done with administrator credentials.

For the file colours.inc, it's a particular case. You need to make sure 
that all users have a pov-ray folder in their profiles that have an 
includes folder that will contain that file.
Also, have a scenes folder in each profiles. This is to ensure that one 
user won't accidently modify the scenes from someone else.

Normaly, POV-Ray should build the needed registry entries from it's 
current folder and the profile in use if those don't already exist.


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