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  Re: Python, subprocess, error!  
From: clipka
Date: 4 Aug 2014 05:52:44
Message: <53df57ec$1@news.povray.org>
Am 03.08.2014 20:33, schrieb Alain:

>> Le_Forgeron <jgr### [at] freefr> wrote:
>>> No gui: try to have the unix/linux code in a windows port, via thing
>>> like cygwin.
>>> --
>>> IQ of crossposters with FU: 100 / (number of groups)
>>> IQ of crossposters without FU: 100 / (1 + number of groups)
>>> IQ of multiposters: 100 / ( (number of groups) * (number of groups))
>> There is no such option in Povray for Windows?
>> I will tell about it to users of Windows.
>> Let them study source codes and cygwin.
>> :)
> It's possibly the same for the MacOS version.

Kind of, I guess (I've never used it myself, due to a lack of a Mac ;-)) 
-- but there's a command-line only version for MacOS.

The lack of a command-line only version for Windows is a legacy of acts 
of software piracy, where companies would use POV-Ray as the rendering 
engine in their products without so much as giving any credits, let 
alone informing their users that they could get the render engine for 
free. As a consequence, the copyright owners of POV-Ray had at some time 
decided to effectively forbid the distribution of any POV-Ray version 
for Windows that could run silently in the background.

The POV-Ray 3.7.0 release proper is the first version of POV-Ray to 
which this restriction no longer applies (as it is released under the 
AGPL, rather than the proprietary open source license of earlier 
versions). So any inclined contributor could now go ahead and develop a 
Windows command-line variant of POV-Ray 3.7.

Priorities and manpower of the dev team is currently somewhere else 
though, so don't hold your breath for this feature to suddenly appear 
out of thin air by magic.

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