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  Re: Running PovRay on a webserver  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 3 May 2014 17:16:21
Message: <53655ca5$1@news.povray.org>
Le 03/05/2014 23:02, DampfHans nous fit lire :
> Hi,
> I tried to run PovRay 3.7 on a webserver (Win. 2008 Server), starting it with
> the PHP exec-command.
> Instead of calculating the image the exec-command hangs. I think, the problem
> is, that PovRay tries to open a window which must fail on a webserver.
> Am I right? And is there any way to prevent this problem? What is the situation
> on a linux-server?

On a unix system, you can use the -D option to not open the preview.

> Thanks in progress!
If you ever succeed, your process will be killed by the php-timeout.

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