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  Re: how to compile and run .pov through console  
From: Alain
Date: 3 Oct 2013 20:54:17
Message: <524e11b9@news.povray.org>

> Hi all
> I am using Pov-Ray in Windows plateform as (Windows8).
> I need to compile and run my "test.pov" file through console (i.e. cmd). I had
> gone through the documentation entitled "Command Line Options" but I didn't got
> the necessary steps as :
> 1. To start Pov-Ray Engine from console.
> 2. To setup the requirement for rendering window (via .INI) from console.
> 3. To compile and run the ".pov" again from console application (or cmd) in
> Windows.
> I will be greatly thankfull to you with for the kind reply.

The .POV file is not compiled but interpreted.

 From the console or command line, you only need a line with pvengine.exe.
In this case, it's normaly followed by the .INI file that will set the 
.POV file to render and the required options, or simply with the part 
and name of the .POV file and some settings as the desired resolution 
and AA settings.

The Windows version of POV-Ray will always display the editor. There is 
NO switch to prevent that.

If you don't want the editor/GUI to be present, you should get the 
Unix/Limux version and compile it yourself.

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