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From: Robert Nufer
Subject: Operation timed out
Date: 30 Apr 2021 10:30:00
Message: <web.608c13abebb65f0432df396545b9b8b@news.povray.org>
First of all: Many thanks to the programmers for this fantastic tool!!!

Like other users, I observe program termination with an "operation timed out"
message. This occurs, if freeing memory after complex renderings takes a long
time (more than 10 secs, also depending on other processes.)
I am using Version 3.7.0.msvc10.win64 on two computers:
PC1: Win64 Pro; 16 GB RAM, Processor Intel Core I7-4600U  @2.1 GHz,
PC2: Win64 Pro; 16 GB RAM; Processor Intel Core I9-10900K @3.7 GHz.

My complex scenes use about 9 GB of RAM, which is freed after the rendered image
is saved. Even if windos is running in safe mode without networking, sometimes
freeing memory takes longer than 10 secs... and the program stops.

This timeout value is defined in the file source\base\povms.cpp:

#define kDefaultTimeout   10

I would be happy if someone could compile povray 3.7.0 by changing the value to
a higehr value, for example:

#define kDefaultTimeout   60

Many thanks

The attachment shows a PoV-Ray rendered model of the Moon (8'294'400 triangles)

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