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  Re: povr features required in official  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 3 Mar 2023 08:35:40
Message: <6401f7ac$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/3/23 05:57, William F Pokorny wrote:
> OK. Thanks!
> I'll put it on the list to again review in povr. I'd first noticed it 
> with povr's, again truly random jitter with and big jitter values (>1). 
> Maybe I did something which caused the problem while banging on code! Or 
> maybe the windows version is for some reason different - in official 
> POV-Ray code, RTR doesn't work on unix/linux machines.

Alright. I both didn't remember well and I never completely understood 
what was happening... This is only a povr big jitter +j(>1.0) issue.

First jitter must be on. This is me not remembering - and, IIRC, it is 
on by default with recent POV-Ray releases, but not in povr.

Plus! The user value must be larger than 1.0 for the issue to show 
itself - which can only happen with my povr branch. The official release 
jitter can only be on or off. Somewhere the jitter value is getting 
reset/restored to 1.0 after each RTR frame - though in a quick look I 
don't see where!

I too continue to get AA in all my RTR frames, but povr's big jitter 
goes to a value of 1.0 after the first frame.

Thank you, Kenneth, for straightening me out! :-) I've added some notes 
to the source to jog my memory down the road...

Bill P.

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