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  Re: SDL debugging  
From: Dick Balaska
Date: 16 Jan 2020 19:19:06
Message: <5e20fd7a$1@news.povray.org>
Am 1/16/20 3:53 AM, also sprach jr:

> what plans do you have for dealing with objects and/or object identifiers?

All identifiers are easy.  After I posted, I wished I'd added "White" to 
my Symbol list, which shows its Type as "colour" and Value as 
"<unhandled type>".  POV-Ray has text-name mappings for all types for 
error handling. ("Expected float identifier, found colour indentifier")

For objects,
the QTableWidget I used is the simplest way to display tabular data and 
is just a PoC here.  During my Minecraft wanderings, I wrote Yet Another 
Minecraft Editor.  Minecraft data is not unlike POV-Ray data, a tree of 
random binary types.
The point there being, I have a nice tree-table widget.  It is a bear to 
be wrestled with sooner than later.

One major difference, in Minecraft data, each node is named, and carries 
its type so there is no need to know what the object is.  In that 
example, I can change the color of that map banner from orange to red 
without knowing I'm looking at a map banner.  POV-Ray requires intimate 
knowledge of the structure of each of the main objects to display it in 
a tree.  I don't see me wanting to spend the time decoding how to 
display a RAINBOW_TOKEN.

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