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  Re: Compiling UberPOV on Linux  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 30 May 2019 05:51:41
Message: <5cefa7ad@news.povray.org>
On 5/30/19 4:58 AM, Bill Pragnell wrote:
> Aha, thanks for that. Those changes are not extensive, I'll just duplicate the
> fix in my local repo. Probably 'easier' than mucking about with boost, from
> where I'm sitting :)
> What's the best way to get those changes into UberPOV permanently? Is it
> possible to do some git magic to cherry pick those commits, or could I just
> apply the fix on an UberPOV branch and push it myself?
> Bill
> (maybe I should start signing off as Bill P just to confuse everyone :D)

Christoph is the only one who can update UberPOV and he's not worked 
there in a long time.

There is a git cherry picking technique. I used exactly once years ago - 
meaning I don't remember how to do it! Search for 'git cherry pick'.

The complication in grabbing things out of the main POV-Ray master 
branch and moving it to UberPOV is the code is in some places 
significantly different. I think this a reason why UberPOV didn't take 
hold as a general test bed for things. I moved one branch to UberPOV 
(never merged) and it collided with UberPOV changes. It meant a lot of 
work which I only ever really made sure compiled - I didn't test the 
features again as part of UberPOV. Also found myself with two branches 
of the same feature. One off POV-Ray master and another off UberPOV. Too 
much work.

If you want to run UberPOV specifically I'd recommend creating a branch 
and just letting it sit there. If it's your only UberPOV branch, compile 
and run that branch. If you end up with >1 let the branches, pull each 
all into an 'UberBillP' branch off the UberPOV master branch and compile.

The last is what I've been doing. Several times a year I build a version 
with the features I want off the current POV-Ray master. Down side is 
it's getting to be a lot of branches to rebase/merge when the master 
branch changes. I'm not a git expert. Perhaps there are better ways.

Bill P.

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